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Fischer y Cia. is a modern and efficient firm, that maintains its recognized national and international leadership in Tax practice. With a team that provides highly innovative, comprehensive, precise and business-oriented solutions. We create long-term relationships with our clients, based on nearness, understanding, trust that delivers a tailored advice, for every particular need and requirement.

We enrich our guidance with the Tax Compliance area, as an integral part of the team. The increasing complexity and sophistication required to comply with tax laws and regulations today is key and requires the greatest synchronicity of all practices, which is achieved through the leadership and joint work of the partners of Fischer y Cia.

Likewise, the Business area allows to grant a vision and comprehensive legal advice and accompany our clients in all aspects related to corporate legal requirements, with a commercial focus and suitable to the business strategies presented. Correspondingly, the Merges & Acquisitions, and Banking & Finance area advises on the broad scope of transactions for the acquisition of companies and assets, mergers, divisions, reorganizations and, in general, in all related operations as well as in the processes of financing of the same, whether these are banks, through capital markets or private.

As well, we have a tax litigation team that handles complex and high-profile matters, with conflict resolution focus, and that in recent years has achieved important milestones and agreements that confirm its business emphasis.

We offer the compromise and talent of a legally sound, unified and solid team of excellence, prepared to respond creatively, efficiently and proactively to the challenges that arise.


  • Partners awarded by international legal asociations 100% 100%
  • Women in our team 48% 48%
  • Legal Team 43% 43%
  • Tax Compliance and Accounting team 32% 32%
  • Members of our team with studies abroad 29% 29%
  • Postgraduate 41% 41%

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Tax Practice

Tax Compliance and Accounting

General Corporate Advisory

Transactions: Merges & Acquisitions and Banking & Finance

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Opinion article on Domicile and Tax Residence

Opinion article on Domicile and Tax Residence

Diario Financiero publishes today the opinion column of our Tax associate, Lucas Ortega, on the effects of the acquisition and loss of tax domicile that the Chilean IRS regulated at the end of 2021 with circular 63/2021. To read the column, here.